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The Jay Leno Tank Car is a vintage tank engine-powered vehicle featured only in Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. It is a copy of the real life "Blastolene Special", designed and made by glass specialist Randy Grubb. The car features a Continental AV1790-5B tank engine, powering a custom designed aluminum body. The car currently housing this monstrous engine weighs just one-eleventh that of the M47 Patton Tank that it came from. The 810 BHP that the engine produces, coupled with the relatively light bodywork, creates acceleration that compares to most modern day sports cars.

In 2003, Grubb sold the car to TV personality Jay Leno, host of the world-famous chat show: "The Jay Leno Show" for a price of $125,000, who installed a new six-speed automatic gearbox, rear brakes, new electrical system and chassis work.

Since 2003, the Tank Car has been upgraded with twin-turbochargers and enhanced fuel-injection to produce an estimated 1,600 BHP. This version of the car is not currently included in any Gran Turismo game.


"Powered by an Army M47 Patton battle tank engine; an original car for adults who know how to play hard."

This unusual looking roadster is of course, not a production car. This is a car built by "Madman" Randy Grubb, a hot rod builder based in Grants Pass, Oregon. There's a reason this car is called the "Tank Car"; it's because the car is powered by a former US Army battle tank engine.

The engine is a continental AV-1790-5B, a SOHC aircooled V12 with a displacement of 1790CI[1] or 29333cc, normally aspirated. It is an engine that was equipped on the M47 Patton Tank, the main battle tanks used by the American Army in the '50s.

The maximum output of the engine during its tank days was 799 HP, but when transferring it to this car the intake and exhaust system was simplified, making it 900 HP. The maximum torque is a mind boggling 1500 lbs-ft, or 1492.7 ft-lb.

The chassis is full original, and the classic style aluminum body is mounted on a steel ladder frame. In the front is a parallel leading link rigid suspension using 1/4 ellipse leaf springs and a dead axle from a ford truck. In the rear is also a parallel leading link rigid suspension, combined with an air suspension for large trucks with Koni shocks.

The transmission is an Allison HT740 4 speed AT, and in the rear is a Rockwell differential with a pneumatic differential locking mechanism, all taken from large trucks.

The Jay Leno Tank car with its 888 BHP monster engine is definitely one of the most radical custom cars on the road today.



This car can only be obtained by completing Driving Missions 11 through 20, it's not for sale in Jay Leno Dealership. In this game, this car can only be used in Practice mode. It can't be used in the races.


As a Standard Car, the Jay Leno Tank Car can be obtained one of two ways:

  • Winning all the races of the American Championship in A-Spec.
  • Finding it in the Used Car Dealership and purchasing it for around 3,980,000 Credits. The exact price of the car may vary depending on the mileage. It is a Level 12 Car.

Unlike in GT4, there are no limitations to the game modes where this car can be used.


This car can be purchased for 1,900,000 Credits (4,000,000 Credits in version 1.00 of the game). Although it is a detailed car, this car doesn't have a gallery view, as it kept its simple look from GT5.


  • So far, this is the heaviest and largest car in the Gran Turismo series.
    • Due of the car's large dimensions, the player is not allowed to use this car in some Photo Travel locations in Gran Turismo 4.
  • The car has the biggest displacement engine of any car featured in Gran Turismo, at 29333 cc (nearly 30L)


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