Kart Space
Kart Space I
Kart Space II
The Kart Space in both layouts
Country Fictional
Circuit Length 754 metres (2,470 ft)
Track Type Original Indoor Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo 5(DLC)DLCicon
Gran Turismo 6

Kart Space is a fictional kart track first appeared in Gran Turismo 5 as part of the Course Pack, a downloadable content released in October 2011. It reappears in Gran Turismo 6, without the necessity to download the track with game updates.


  • This is the first indoor circuit to appear in the Gran Turismo Series.
  • Although in the update 2.01 of GT5 other cars were drivable on this circuit (only in Time Trial), in GT6 only karts can be driven on this circuit.
  • The name of this circuit may be a reference to Rainbow Road, one of the most famous circuits in the Mario Kart series. The fact that this track is meant only for karts and the layout of Rainbow Road (usually set on outer space) are a proof of this reference. The layout of Kart Space II looks very similar to the SNES version of Rainbow Road.


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