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"Did I mention that this is a quite exclusive place? Only a chosen few drivers even get to hear about it."
―Sarah (GT7 release date trailer)

The Legend Car Dealership, showing lineup from June 24, 2022

The Legend Car Dealership (sometimes referred to as the Hagerty Collection), is one of the car dealerships in Gran Turismo 7 that caters to historic and legendary road and racing vehicles. It is sponsored by Hagerty, an American classic car insurance company, and housed inside a Brutalist-styled building. To unlock this dealership, the player must complete GT Café Menu Book #17, which involves winning the Trial Mountain Cup.

The dealership primarily offers older road cars from the first half of the 20th century, as well as various race cars (likely before 2001, the minimum cut-off year for Brand Central). Up to ten cars (increased from original five in April 2022) at a time are sold from the dealership, and like with the Used Car Dealership, each car can only be purchased for a limited time (a car marked as Limited Stock indicates the player only have few days left to purchase it) before they are sold out; once they are marked as sold out, they are removed at midnight UTC and replaced by another eligible car, however, the car's description can still be viewed. Like with the UCD, the player can add a car into the Wish List as long the car is listed (purchasable or not) on the dealership; the game will remind the player with a flag above the menu building in the World Map when the wishlisted car is on sale. Additionally, for cars added in an update that would be purchasable from the LCD, the cars will be marked as "hot" and be placed as an extra slot, in order to allow them to be purchased for the first time.

Purchasing a car from the Legend Car Dealership for the first time awards the player with the "Living with a Legend" trophy.

There is also another trophy called "Three Legendary Cars", whose description is quite vague (requiring the player to acquire "three legendary race cars that were once destined to win 24 hour races"), in which the cars required are the Ford Mark IV Race Car '67, Ferrari 330 P4 '67 and Jaguar XJ13 '66.

There are currently 66 known legendary vehicles sold in this dealership.



The virtual garage building used during the 2020 (and 2021) FIAGTC World Finals; this building was later reused for the Legend Car Dealership.

  • The Legend Car Dealership building was originally the virtual garage building used in the 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championships World Finals; the building was also used for 2021 FIAGTC streams.
    • Additionally, the Moon Over the Castle rendition used in GT7's release date trailer was also originally from 2020 FIAGTC World Finals.
    • Some GT Café collection expository texts also use the dealership's building, such as the Chevrolet, Ford and Honda Type R collections. However, as seen from the island in the World Map, there seems to be an adjacent building to the dealership, suggesting that it is used as an empty space or a studio. Strangely enough, the interior of the building is shown to light up at night, unlike in the actual dealership itself.
    • The building was also seen with modern vehicles in pre-release trailers.
  • The dealership may be based on classic car auction/collector companies such as RM Sotheby's, Bonhams, or Barrett-Jackson; however the way the player purchases the car from the dealership may appear to be a direct purchase like in the other two dealerships, instead of actual auctions.
  • The parking garage seen in the dealership's interior features unidentified cars shrouded in protective covers. In pre-release trailers, some cars were visibly seen, mounted on the dealership's parking garage.
  • Originally, Brighton Antiques, a fictional sponsor first appearing in Gran Turismo Sport, was to be the company operating the dealership, according to trailer and State of Play footage. However, when the game was released, its role was replaced with Hagerty; company owner McKeel Hagerty also plays a role in the dealership instead of the fictional character Stephanie.
    • Hagerty will be involved with pricing of the cars in the dealership.[1] This method is referred to as the "Hagerty Valuation Tool" and has caused prices of certain cars to change on both ends, with the McLaren F1 '94 increasing to nearly Cr. 20 million price limit and the Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertone Prototype '67 dropping down in price to a seven-digit (from a eight-digit) price. Car prices are subject to change at any time and could be reflected in future game updates.
  • The "Three Legendary Cars" trophy is a repeat of the Dream Race trophy from GT5, except it involves only purchasing cars, not racing them.
  • For a brief period on July 13, 2022, a blank "car" costing Cr. 100,000 appeared as a "hot" car on the dealership. Purchasing the car resulted in the player not receiving anything (to the point the player is not prompted to switch cars), however the "car" is registered as owned once purchased.[2][3]

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