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The Lexus RC F GT500 '16 is a race car produced by Lexus. It first appears in Gran Turismo Sport, where it was introduced as part of Update 1.15, and in Gran Turismo 7.

The car appears to be the #36, driven by Nick Cassidy and Daisuke Ito, who achieved a 5th place finish in the GT500 Driver's Championship of the 2016 Super GT season. This is reflected by the name it had in GT Sport, Lexus au TOM'S RC F '16.

In-game description[]

The machine that fought to win the GT500 Class for Toyota / Lexus in the 2014 to 2016 seasons of the Super GT Series is the Lexus RC F, based on the production car which started sales in October 2014.

Due to new regulations from 2014, the weight and rigidity of the monocoque and its centre of gravity was matched to that of DTM cars. The dampers, brakes, and rear wing were all made common with the DTM. And because the top half of the body with the RC F silhouette could not be modified in design due to these regulations, downforce is gained by reworking the bottom half. The power unit is a turbocharged 2 litre inline 4 with direct injection; the RI4AG engine. This unit is shared with the Super Formula, and tuned for use in the Super GT.

The 2016 model was the final version of this car. Because of increased constraints of the regulations limiting the fuel restrictor flow from 100 kg/h to 95 kg/h, improvements were made to create more power with less fuel, along with various other improvements to the car.

The au TOM'S RC F carrying the ace car number 36 of the Lexus Team Tom's became 2nd in round 6 and 3rd in round 3, ending in the series in 5th overall out of 15 cars.

GT7 Dealership[]

This Lexus au TOM'S RC F won the GT500 class of the Super GT Series in 2016. It was powered by a race-tuned 2.0-liter inline-4 engine. This year marked the RC F's final year in the race series. The LC 500 flagship luxury coupé replaced the RC F as Lexus' GT500 race car.


GT Sport[]

This car can be purchased in the Lexus section of Brand Central for 800,000 Credits.


This car can be purchased in the Lexus section of Brand Central for 800,000 Credits.