Gran Turismo 5 was given compatibility for additional Downloadable Content in the Spec 2.0 update in October 2011.

As of May 2014, all downloadable content has been permanently removed from Playstation Store. However, for a limited time, it returned starting November 2014, but only in Europe.

The following is a list of DLC previously available for GT5:

Released 18th October 2011Edit

  • Racing Gear Pack ($2.99)
  • GT5 paints|Paint Pack ($1.99)
  • Complete Pack ($11.99)
    • Containing Track Pack 1, Racing Car Pack 1, Racing Gear Pack 1 and Paint Pack 1.

Released December 2011Edit

Released 18th January 2012Edit

Released 27th June 2012Edit

Released 25th September 2012Edit

Free Downloadable ContentEdit

This content adds the front engine-rear wheel drive Scion FR-S '12 to Gran Turismo 5.
This compact FR (front engine, rear drive) sportscar debuting from Scion is a brother to the Toyota 86 sold in Japan. Add the fun to drive FR model to your own garage with this download.

A new cumulative package which contains all the aforementioned content, named "GT5 Promotional Content Pack" ($26.99) was released for a limited time on Spring 2015.


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