Mazda Familia Sedan Sport 20 '02
Mazda Familia Sedan Sport 20 '02 (GT6)
Appears in Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6
Type in GT5 Standard
Interior in GT6 Simple
Manufacturer Mazda
Drivetrain FF
Max Power 157 BHP
Performance Points 375 PP
Length 4380 mm
Width 1695 mm
Height 1410 mm
Weight 1,170 kilograms (2,600 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 7.45 kg (16.4 lb) per horsepower

The Mazda Familia Sedan Sport 20 '02 is a Road car produced by Mazda. It appears in Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6.


Five colors are available for this car:

  • Titanium Gray Metallic
  • Sunlight Silver Metallic
  • Pure White
  • Starry Blue Mica
  • Garnet Red Mica

In-game descriptionEdit

"The hidden jewel of the Familia series, well known among enthusiasts of the series."

The Mazda Familia Saloon/Sport was sold as the Mazda Protegé in the US.

The success of compact cars was vital to a car maker, especially if it wanted to survive in the U.S., and Mazda's ace-in-the-hole was the Familia, or the car we knew as the Protegé. In June 1998, the ninth-generation Familia was introduced, with the model of choice being the Sport 20 that was added to the series in December 2001. The Sport 20 belonged to the same S-Wagon grade as the previous Familia series, but in an attempt to improve the lineup, a model similar to the sedan class was added.

Powering the Sport 20 was a 2.0-liter DOHC inline-4 that produced 168 HP at 6800 rpm and 133.0 ft-lb of torque at 5000. This engine received the G-LEV certification (Good Low Emission Vehicle) in September 2002 after being slightly detuned to 163 HP at 6800 rpm and 130.9 ft-lb of torque at 5000 rpm. Coupled with an "activematic" 4-speed automatic transmission, the Sport 20 behaved like a true sports sedan on the streets, thanks in part to its taut suspension.

The exterior also underwent some changes, getting discharge headlamps, new aerodynamic parts, larger fog lamps, and white turn-lenses. The cabin also evolved, adopting a sporty black interior design. Being originally part of the S-Wagon grade, the Familia Sedan Sport 20 became renowned in Japan and in America when it arrived as the new Protegé.



This car can be bought at the Mazda New Cars Dealership for 18,980 Credits. This is only possible in the NTSC-J and PAL versions of game.


This car can be purchased for 18,980 Credits.


As a Standard car, the Mazda Familia Sedan Sport 20 '02 can be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for 17,002 Credits. It is a Level 0 car.


This car can be purchased for 18,980 Credits. It is a simplified car.


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