Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R230) '02
Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R230) '02
Appears in Gran Turismo Concept
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6
Type in GT5 Standard
Interior in GT6 Simple
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Displacement 4965 cc
Drivetrain FR
Engine Mercedes-Benz M113 engine, 5.0L SOHC V8
Max Power 302 BHP
Performance Points 445 PP
Max Torque 339.3 lb-ft
Length 4535 mm
Width 1815 mm
Height 1298 mm
Weight 1,840 kilograms (4,100 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 6.09 kg (13.4 lb) per horsepower

The Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R230) '02 is a Road car produced by Mercedes-Benz. It first appears in Gran Turismo Concept, and has appeared in every main game since, with the exception of Gran Turismo Sport.


Fourteen colors are available for this car:

  • Brilliantsilber
  • Alabasterweiβ
  • Cubanitsilber
  • Travertinbeige
  • Tellursilber
  • Jaspisblau
  • Topasblau
  • Smaragdschwarz
  • Andraditgrün
  • Tektitgrau
  • Obsidianschwarz
  • Schwarz
  • Bernsteinrot
  • Magmarot

In-game descriptionEdit

"The 5th generation SL with further refinements in sportscar performance."

The 5th generation type-W320 SL, made its appearance in 2001, undergoing a full model change after a 12 year production run of the previous model.

The SL has always been at the forefront of each era's newest engineering developments, making it sort of the technology showcase vehicle of Mercedes-Benz. This new model uses a new brake-by-wire system known as SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control), and is also equipped with the same ABC (Active Body Control) active suspension as in the S Class and CL.

The SL's key feature is its metal top Vario roof, an opening mechanism first used in the SLK. As with previous models, this sports car can be enjoyed with the top open or closed.

At the time of its debut, the engine was a 5.0L V8 SOHC with a maximum output of 302 BHP @ 5600 rpm and a 46.9 kgfm @ 2700-4250 rpm maximum torque. It included a 5-speed AT tiptronic shifting mechanism.

In 2003, the SL350 and SL600 were added to the lineup. The SL350, with its 3.7L V6 SOHC, was an introductory-grade vehicle. On the other hand, the SL600 was loaded with a 5.5L twin-turbo V12 engine like that of the S Class and CL, boasting maximum specs of 493 BHP and 81.6 kgfm torque.

One could say that this car is the best drive in the world. Of special note is the handling created by the ABC, which delivers sharpness unbelievable for a car weighing nearly two tons. At the same time, it possesses an incredibly high performance limit. Each generation of the SL has always been at the cutting edge of its age, and the prompt introduction of the newest 7G-Tronic 7-speed AT for the SL500 in 2004, is proof that the W230 is no exception in this tradition.


GT ConceptEdit

This car is available to the player in Arcade Mode from the beginning.


This car can be bought at the Mercedes-Benz New Cars Dealership for 127,620 Credits.


This car can be purchased for 127,620 Credits.


As a Standard car, the Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (R230) '02 can be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for around 111,444 Credits. It is a Level 5 car.


This car can be purchased for 127,620 Credits. It is a simplified car.


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