At the Mileage Exchange, Mileage Points can be exchanged for various items. You can accumulate Mileage Points by taking part in races and events, and by earning Achievements.

The types of items that can be bought using Mileage Points are listed below. Sales are sometimes held, allowing you to purchase items at a discounted price, so be sure to visit the Mileage Exchange and check what's available regularly.

Purchasable ItemsEdit

  • Special Cars: Special cars that cannot be acquired from Brand Central. Consists of Gr.3/Gr.B homologation road cars and safety cars (excluding the Nissan GT-R Safety Car); see the Mileage Exchange cars category for list of purchasable cars.
  • Wheels: Sets of wheels that can be used in the Livery Editor.
  • Decals: Decals that can be used in the Livery Editor, consisting of kill switch, extinguisher, and tow arrow decals.
  • Helmets: Helmets that can be used in the Livery Editor or when changing your driving gear.
  • Profile Poses: Profile poses that can be used when changing your driving gear.
  • Special Colors: Paint colors that can be used in the Livery Editor.

Item LocationsEdit

Select an item, and a purchase confirmation screen will be displayed. Purchased items can be found in the following locations:

  • Special Cars: "Home" -> "Garage"
  • Wheels: "Livery Editor" -> "Car Livery" -> "New Design" -> "Wheels"
  • Decals: "Livery Editor" -> "Car Livery" -> "New Design" -> "Decals"
  • Helmets: "Home" -> "Change Driving Gear" -> "Helmet"
  • Profile Poses: "Home" -> "Change Driving Gear" -> "Profile Pose"
  • Special Colors: "Livery Editor" -> "Car Livery" -> "New Design" -> "Paint"



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