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The Mission Challenge section in Gran Turismo Sport allows the player to try their hand at a range of varied driving missions. There are 64 events listed. On the left side of the screen is a chart displaying current progress, as well as the number of gold, silver and bronze awards earned. Under the chart are the cars that have been won for earning gold or silver in all the events. However, the player must work through the stages, starting with the first one. It is not possible to skip ahead to another stage. After every 8 events completed, the player is gifted a new car.

Prize CarsEdit

  • Stage 1: Random Gr.4 car
  • Stage 2: Random Gr.B car
  • Stage 3: Random Gr.3 car
  • Stage 4: Random N600 car
  • Stage 5: Random Gr.3 car
  • Stage 6: Random Gr.3 car
  • Stage 7: Random N700-N1000 car
  • Stage 8: Random Gr.1 car
  • All gold: Random N800-N1000/VGT car
  • All silver: Random N600/VGT car
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