The Mugen Accord SIR-T is a Road car produced by Mugen, but is listed as a Honda vehicle in its only appearance in Gran Turismo 2.


There are eight colors available for this vehicle:

  • Taffetas White
  • Cayman White Pearl
  • Sebring Silver Metallic
  • Moonstone Silver Metallic
  • Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Ruby Red Pearl
  • Cypress Green Pearl
  • Super Marine Blue Pearl

In-game Description

This description is taken from the PAL version of Gran Turismo 2:

The Mugen Accord is a model based on the SiR-T, the top-grade Accord that underwent a full model change in September 1997. Mugen built in multiple parts to bring it to completion. The potential of this model is far from half-baked, which is not surprising, considering it is based on the Accord SiR-T, noted for its high quality as a sports sedan, and is outfitted with parts that pursue a thoroughly sporty theme. The exterior is fully armed, starting with the sports grille, all the way to aero-parts such as the front under spoiler, side sills, rear under-spoiler, and rear wings. The interior ambience is heightened with the installation of sports metres, an aluminium metre panel, and sports pedals. In addition, the loaded power unit, while no different from the SiR-T in numbers, has a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and a sports exhaust system that uses a single exhaust pipe instead of the normal two. This secures driveability in the low and mid-speed ranges, while supplying a smooth uptake and boosting the sense of power. The underbody adopts a low down suspension kit that has 5 stages of adjustment, sports brake pads, and MF8 aluminium wheels, further increasing the visual impact and the drive quality. This chassis makes the handling even smoother, increasing the head-turns. All this, without sacrificing comfort.



This car can be won by winning the first race of the FF Challenge, located on Tahiti Road.



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