The Mugen S2000 '00 is a Tuned car produced by Mugen. It appears in every main Gran Turismo game to date since Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, with the exception of Gran Turismo Sport.

In-game description

"The MUGEN Spec S2000, with total focus on improving circuit laps."

Because the S2000 is so well put together as a stock vehicle, there is very little room for improvement, but for Mugen, the Honda specialist tuner and top racing constructor, a pure sports car like this is where they really get to exhibit their true strength. Mugen tuned this particular S2000 to make it as fast as possible on the circuit.

Only intake and exhaust refinements were made to the engine: the intake, with a strong, lightweight induction box, aggressively takes in fresh air and helps to raise power at high RPM's. On the exhaust side, a 4-2-1 converging exhaust manifold and a muffler using titanium after the main silencer maximises the engine's potential.

For the suspension, a height adjustable suspension kit utilising a damper with a continuously variable adjuster and original wheels specific for the S2000 were equipped.

Of special note is its aerodynamic performance. With thorough wind tunnel testing, both the front and rear create a balanced down force to secure better grip, while minimising air resistance. The hood and hard top are made of carbon.

The ride is fairly hard and the exhaust is slightly loud, but there is no compromise in its driving performance. Though it is a spec that allows driving on public roads, it is a machine that will only show its true potential on the circuit.



This car can be won by winning the Type R Meeting in the Amateur League section, with a 1/4 chance to come as a prize car.


This car can be bought at the Mugen Tuning Shop for 75,000 Credits.


This car can be purchased for 50,000 Credits.


As a Standard car, the Mugen S2000 '00 can be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for 49,864 Credits. It is a Level 6 car.


This car can be purchased for 50,000 Credits. It is a simplified car.


  • This car was originally planned to be available in Gran Turismo 2, but was not finished or was removed before release. All that remains of the car is the model and textures, plus a nameplate and a replay name. As with any incomplete car, if viewed with a cheat device it will inherit its specifications from the placeholder car.



  1. As a hidden car, unobtainable through normal means.
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