Nissan GT-R Black Edition Tuned Car '12
Nissan GT-R Black Edition Tuned Car '12
Appears in Gran Turismo 5 (Gift)Icon gift
Type in GT5 Premium
Manufacturer Nissan
Displacement 3799 cc
Drivetrain 4WD
Aspiration Turbo
Engine VR38DETT
Max Power 542 BHP
Performance Points 580 PP
Max Torque 64.50 kgf.m
Length 4,670 millimetres (184 in)
Height 1,370 millimetres (54 in)
Weight 1,480 kilograms (3,300 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 2.73 kg (6.0 lb) per horsepower

The Nissan GT-R Black Edition Tuned Car (GT Academy) '12 is, as its name implies, a tuned car based on the Nissan GT-R Black Edition '12. It is only available in Gran Turismo 5.


The engineers for the Nissan GT-R, codenamed the R35, are not the type of people to sit on their laurels. Immediately after the debut of the super high-performance sports coupe at the end of 2007, they were already hard at work at further developing the car. The culmination of their efforts was seen in the 2011 model. For this update, the GT-R received a turbine and exhaust revision which increased power to 523 HP. They made even more improvements the following year with the introduction of the 2012 model.

This time, they completely re-tuned the engine—the first time this was done in the R35's short history. Among other things, they made the fuel mixture leaner, changed the timing of the camshafts and revised the precision clearance between internal parts. As a result the car's horsepower went up 20 HP to 542 HP at 6400 rpm, while torque increased by 14.5 ft-lb, bringing the total to 466.5 ft-lb from 3200 to 5800 rpm. A result, the GT-R now runs to the 62 mph mark in 2.8 seconds and lapped the Nürburgring in just under 7 minutes 20 seconds.

One improvement we won't see in the U.S. is the specialized suspension system for right-hand-drive models. Because dynamic load was biased slightly on the right side of the car due to the GT-R's layout, the left-side coil springs were stiffened, and the arm-mounting angles were changed to make the settings asymmetrical on the left and right.

With the new update the existing SpecV was removed from the lineup, replaced with a special "For TRACK PAC," intended for racing enthusiasts.



This car is only available via a special gift ticket to those who have completed all challenges in Round 7 of the GT Academy 2012 competition, between May 1 and June 25, 2012, with all gold awards. It cannot be purchased, traded, won, or obtained in any other way. Due to the GT Academy 2012 servers going offline, as well as the end of the competition several years ago, it is no longer obtainable.


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