Nissan Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsport '13
Nissan Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsport '13
Appears in Gran Turismo 6 (Update)Update Icon
Interior in GT6 Detailed
Manufacturer Nissan
Displacement 4494 cc
Drivetrain MR
Aspiration NA
Engine VK45DE
Max Power 449 HP
Performance Points 607 PP
Max Torque 420.6 ft-lb
Weight 900 kilograms (2,000 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 2 kg (4.4 lb) per horsepower

The Nissan Zytek Z11SN Greaves Motorsport '13 is an LMP2 race car that appears in Gran Turismo 6, where it was added as part of Update 1.18, though the car is available for purchase only after the installation of Update 1.20.

This car participated in the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it was driven by Michael Krumm, Jann Mardenborough, and Lucas Ordóñez. It finished the race in 9th place overall, achieving 3rd place in the LMP2 class.

Description Edit

"GT Academy Graduate achieves great results at the 24 Hours of Le Mans."

When the rule requiring in the LMP2 class of Le Mans to adopt mass-produced production engines was announced, Nissan Motor Company and NISMO called upon their powerful-yet-reliable naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V-8 powerplant, the VK45DE.

The VK45DE was a proven veteran, as it powered GT-Rs in the Super GT series, but for the 24 Hour of Le Mans, the engine needed a lot of additional tuning, including a new ECU and custom intake/exhaust materials. The engine also needed to be moved from the front of the car to behind the cockpit. None of these modifications proved to be a problem, as the team using the VK45DE achieved great results in the engine's first year of competition. At the 24 Hours lf Le Mans race, it achieved a 1-2 finish in its class in its first year of participation.

With its success right out of the gates, more teams expressed their desire to use the VK45DE. In the 24 Hours of Le Mans, cars equipped with the VK45DE scored a 2nd- and 4th-place finish, while in 2013, they took up the top five places of the LMP2 class.

The No. 42 Zytek Z11SN Nissan was a car of note for both Nissan and Gran Turismo because GT Academy graduates Lucas Ordóñez and Jann Mardenborough were two of the three drivers. They were joined by seasoned veteran Michael Krumm.

The No. 42 car was the fastest out of the Zytek entries, achieving 4th in class. The three drivers raised their position steadily from their starting position of 12th, and maintained a firm grasp on 3rd place for most of the race.



The car was obtainable by achieving bronze trophy in the 3rd round of GT Academy 2015, available for a limited time. As of 1.20 update, the car was added to the Nissan dealership in the Asia\Pacific sector, and it can be purchased for 1,500,000 Credits. It has a detailed interior.


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