Northern Isle Speedway - Infield
Circuit Length Undefined
Turns (Left/Right) Undefined
Track Type Original/Fictional
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo Sport

Northern Isle Speedway - Infield is a fictional location that appears in Gran Turismo Sport. As the name states, it is the area within the Northern Isle Speedway circuit, and it serves as the setting for numerous challenges within the games Mission Challenge mode.

The infield doesn't have defined circuit. Instead, several short tracks are set up within the area for Group B rally cars to tackle, similar to the Coffee Break challenges from Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo 6. The surface itself is slippery, and it is easy for the car to lose traction. All cars are automatically applied with BoP (Balance of Performance) and the soft sport tyres. These settings cannot be changed.

Northern Isle FestivalEdit

Stage 4-3Edit

After starting, the player will swing right, and then brake in order to turn through a double apex left hand corner to the finish.

  • Gold: 0:14.700
  • Silver: 0:15.200
  • Bronze: 0:16.100

Stage 5-1Edit

A simple right hairpin turn.

  • Gold: 0:12.900
  • Silver: 0:13.400
  • Bronze: 0:14.100

Stage 5-4Edit

This a series of right angled corners in the wet. Brake slightly for the first left, then navigate around the left-right-left crank shaped corner carefully. There is a slight kink before the finish.

  • Gold: 0:19.700
  • Silver: 0:20.500
  • Bronze: 0:21.600

Stage 6-1Edit

This is an extension of 5-1, featuring 3 hairpins instead of 1.

  • Gold: 0:27.300
  • Silver: 0:28.400
  • Bronze: 0:29.900

Stage 6-4Edit

The final stage is the longest and most technical, set at night during wet conditions. Starting with a chicane, this then leads into a right hand sweeping corner. Following another chicane is the a tight left-right hairpin chicane. This then leads into the final left hand turn, which leads all the way to the finish.

  • Gold: 0:36.600
  • Silver: 0:38.100
  • Bronze: 0:40.300
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