Appears in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue[1]
Manufacturer Polyphony
Drivetrain MR
Aspiration NA
Engine V10 -
Max Power 790 BHP (800 PS)
/14 000 rpm
Max Torque 42.6 kg·m (308 lb-ft) /12 500 rpm
0-60 Mph 2.0 s[2]
Standing Quarter Mile 8.780 s
Top Speed 356.0 km/h (221.2 mph)
Length 4150 mm
Width 1910 mm
Height 930 mm
Weight 540 kg (1190 lbs)
Power/Weight Ratio 0.683 kg (1.51 lbs) /BHP

The Polyphony001 is a Formula One-styled car available in the PAL version of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. It is loosely based on the 1996 Williams FW18 driven by Damon Hill to win the Formula One World Championship. The car is one of only two Formula One style cars in the PAL version, which are among the best in the game in terms of acceleration and grip.

Polyphony002 is a turbocharged version of 001 which is Naturally Aspirated, meaning that 002 can race in events reserved for Turbocharged vehicles.


The Polyphony001 is not available for purchase in Gran Turismo 3. It can be acquired as one of four prize cars from:

The car is not available in the NTSC version of the game.


  • This is the most modern of all the formula racer cars on both PAL and NTSC versions of the game. It's also the only one unique to the PAL version (The Polyphony002 is identical to the F688/S apart from more colour options).


  1. As a hidden car, inaccessible through normal means
  2. 1/4 mile, 0-60, and top speed tested using default car settings

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