Polyphony Digital Cup (GT4)
Polyphony Digital Cup
League Level Extreme
License Level S-License
Series Type Championship
No. of Races 10
Tyre Restriction Normal or Sports
Tyre Wear Yes
Car Type Restriction No Restrictions
1st Place Prize 20,000 Cr
Championship Bonus 200,000 Cr

"Even everyday cars can look tough. This is a high level series of races that attracts the best drivers."

Polyphony Digital Cup is an Extreme Championship event on Gran Turismo 4. The races are considered to be longer in a bunch of 1-2 hours. All Original Courses and City Courses of this event are in reverse.


  1. Twin Ring Motegi Road Course 6 laps
  2. Seattle Circuit Reverse 7 laps
  3. Infineon Raceway (Stock Car Course) 8 laps
  4. Tokyo Route 246 Reverse 5 laps
  5. Fuji Speedway 2005 6 laps
  6. Motorland Reverse 19 laps
  7. Circuit de la Sarthe I 2 laps
  8. El Capitan Reverse 6 laps
  9. Suzuka Circuit 5 laps
  10. Nürburgring Nordschleife 2 laps


  • 1st: Cr. 20,000
  • 2nd: Cr. 8,000
  • 3rd: Cr. 6,000
  • 4th: Cr. 5,000
  • 5th: Cr. 2,000
  • 6th: Cr. 1,000
  • Overall Champion: Cr. 200,000

Prize CarEdit


Your opponents are driving Production Cars such as

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