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The Red Bull X2010 5G is a unique variant of the Red Bull X2010 only appeared in Gran Turismo 5.

This car was used exclusively for the Japanese-only Red Bull "5G" gaming championship, held in 2012. A Japanese-exclusive Seasonal Event was held with the car, which served as the qualifying round to the competition. What sets this particular variant apart is its host of differences. The most obvious difference is the performance, with the fan system being disabled, reduced horsepower and RPMs, and a passive suspension system.

The car's body is mostly the same as its original base models, but some elements have been changed: the front wing now has raised rear lips and the rear wing is slightly taller. The underside is also different compared to the original models.

In-game description[]

In the autumn of 2012 Red Bull hosted the "Red Bull 5G tournament" in order to determine the number 1 Japanese gamer, using 5 games of 5 different genres: the "Red Bull X2010 5G" is the detuned version of the X2010 model prepared specially for this tournament.

The X2010 is a product of a dream to create the fastest racing car on earth. This car is a combination of the latest in aerodynamics, Fan Car technology (proposed by the ingenious Adrian Newey) and a compact high power V6 twin turbo engine: all to propel this car to maximum speeds of over 500 km/h, while providing it the ability to turn corners pulling over 8G's of horizontal G-force.

Based on the X2010, the 5G is a racecar that has been slightly modified to serve as a training vehicle. The maximum engine RPM and turbo boost pressures have been toned down to reduce power, and the fan car system which produces downforce by forcing out air from under the floor has been disabled. With the fan system omitted, the body aerodynamics have also been modified. Raising the height of the rear wing and expanding the surface area of the floorboard its airflow characteristics are close to that of a conventional formula car, and the active suspension has been replaced with a conventional passive type to allow for the most subtle changes in suspension settings to be felt by the driver.

This is a special version of the X2010 for the Red Bull 5G competition. Give it a go and experience the feeling of driving the new racing machine.



The Red Bull X2010 5G was only used in the aforementioned Seasonal Event and was not able to be obtained normally. As such, it is considered hidden in the game files, and can only be obtained through save game manipulation, even in areas where the event never took place.


  • As this variant of the X2010 has the fan car system disabled, it can be considered a precursor to the Junior and Standard versions of the Red Bull X2014 in Gran Turismo 6, both of which are lacking the fan car system.
  • Even though this car was only seen in white, it actually has the same color selection as the colored variant of the X2010.
  • Two unused variants of this car exists inside the Gran Turismo 5's game data files:[1]
    • The first variant (internally named x2010_5g_12_dl) reuses the livery of the Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel, while retaining the cosmetical differences of the X2010 5G. For unknown reasons, this version has the same performance parameters of the colored X2010, and reuses the description of the regular X2010 models.
    • The second variant (internally named x2010_5g_12_fin) is a duplicate of the regular X2010 5G, with the sole difference being the removal of the Pirelli logo graphics on the front wheel covers. It is worth noting that this variant, along with the regular variant (internally named x2010_5g_12) can be repainted at GT Auto if the car is obtained.