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Red Rock Valley Speedway is a track that only appears in Gran Turismo 2.


Consisting mainly of huge, sweeping, banked corners and large, open straights, Red Rock Valley is better suited to high-horsepower supercars and race cars than compact or sports models. With the potential of reaching speeds over 320km/h, it is favored among Gran Turismo players for its easy difficulty and sunset scenery.

Lap Guide[]

Sector 1[]

This section consists of just the first corner. Throttle control and steering input are very important here, too much power will cause understeer into the top barrier, while too little will either cause oversteer or poor lap times. Keeping the car in the second-from-the-outside lane is the best line through this turn.

Sector 2[]

Starting about 50 metres in advance of the first of two chicanes on the circuit, unlike the other turns that form the majority of the track, the chicane isn't banked very steeply. Braking for entry into this chicane should be initiated along the kerb at the beginning of the sector, control of the speed and angle of the car through here will allow a decent exit speed. After a short straight is another banked, this time right-handed, turn. Since it is a smaller radius than the first corner, speed through here will be slightly lower, although the same throttle control techniques should be applied here too.

Sector 3[]

A single right turn and the final right-left s-bend are the focuses of this sector. Care should be taken not to overshoot the first right-hander due to the high speeds carried out from the previous corner and short straight through the tunnel. Brake firmly for this corner and aim for the apexes, a good line through here will set the car up well for the final turn of the track.

Sector 4[]

The final left turn and pit straight. This corner is similar to the shallowly-banked right-hander before the tunnel section. Again throttle and steering input should be careful and controlled, and care should be taken not to understeer into the top barrier, or exit speed can be severely reduced. A quick shot down the long straightaway will complete the lap.

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