Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 '16
Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 '16
Appears in Gran Turismo Sport
Manufacturer Renault Sport
Displacement 3799 cc
Drivetrain MR
Max Power 534 BHP
Length 4705 mm
Width 2000 mm
Height 1150 mm
Weight 1,220 kilograms (2,700 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 2.28 kg (5.0 lb) per horsepower

The Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 '16 is a race car produced by Renault under the Renault Sport arm. It first appears in Gran Turismo Sport.

This car is a variant of the Renault Sport R.S.01 '16, modified to meet the FIA GT3 regulations.

In-game descriptionEdit

The Renault Sport R.S.01 is a special one-make race machine produced in small quantities for the 'World Series by Renault', hosted by Renault Sport. It was introduced from the 2015 season as the successor to the Mégane Trophy.

The body utilises a carbon monocoque developed together with Dallara, the Italian racing car constructor. The vehicle weight is held down to under 1,100 kg. The engine is a midship mounted Nissan GT-R 3.8L V6 twin turbo tuned by NISMO, Nissan's motorsport department. With an output of over 493 BHP and over 61.2 kgfm of maximum torque, and combined with an SADEV 7 speed sequential transmission, the car can hit speeds of over 300 km/h.

Based on this R.S.01, the Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 was developed for entry in the FIA-GT Championships, and was announced at the French Paul Ricard circuit in November 2015. The R.S.01 GT3 had to be toned down in order to meet the GT3 regulations of the FIA; a restrictor was added to the V6 twin turbo engine to bring down the power, and the brakes were changed from carbon ceramic to steel discs. To meet the minimum weight specified by the FIA, over 50 kg of ballast weight needed to be added, and the aerodynamics were also revised. However, because the base car was designed as an exceptionally high performance machine, it is a car that has lots of room to spare in terms of performance when taking on challenges.


GT SportEdit

This car can be purchased in the Renault Sport section of Brand Central for 450,000 Credits. It can also be obtained by signing a Manufacturer's Series contract with Renault Sport, which is valid for one Manufacturer's Series season and allows the car to be used in Manufacturer's Series races.


  • In pre-release builds of the game, the R.S.01 Gr.3 used a near duplicate of one-make car's livery. The livery used in the final version of the game is the livery used during the car's homologation testing at Paul Ricard in 2016.
  • If the prompt to remove the default livery is answered in Livery Editor, the rear brake reflector would also be removed.
  • As the R.S.01 did not have a road-going model, in real life the R.S.01 GT3 can only compete in events allowing non-homologated GT3 cars such as the French GT Championship's Open class, International GT Open, or VLN's SP-X class.


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