Exclamation_point_yellow.png This page is about hidden content found in a Gran Turismo game's resources. This includes unfinished versions of cars and tracks that made it into the final game, as well as hidden content which was scrapped but left in the game's files. We have collated as much information about it as can be found online. Please be advised that we do not recommend attempting to modify the game to be able to access it, as doing so can make the game unstable.

Autumn Ring Mini-0
Circuit Length 0.66 miles (1.06 km)
Track Type Original Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo (hidden)

rogo-test is a hidden track found in the first Gran Turismo's files. It is an identical copy of Autumn Ring Mini. The only differences from the final iteration seems to be the inclusion of the Chrysler Corporation Pentastar logo and the old Chevrolet logo displayed on advertisement billboards around the course when loaded in the NTSC-U and PAL versions. When loaded in the NTSC-J version this track is exactly the same.

This track can only be found in Gran Turismo, however it is not accessible without a cheat device.

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

  • The vehicle reflections seem to be corrupted when driving on this track. It is impossible to tell what color the vehicle is. Sometimes even the driven car cannot be recognized.
  • Textures seem to be a bit sensitive in this version, when viewed at certain angles the color palettes seem to fade on some objects.
  • This circuit slows music and the rest of the game down.


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