Sardegna - Road Track - A
Sardegna - Road Track - A
Country Flag of Italy ITA
Circuit Length 5.113 kilometres (3.177 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 15
Track Type Original Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo Sport (Update)Update Icon

Sardegna - Road Track - A is a fictional circuit first introduced in Gran Turismo Sport as part of Update 1.40, released on June 27, 2019. The circuit is located on the eponymous island of Sardegna, one of a number of Italian resorts surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Using closed off sections of public roads, this is a high-speed technical street course that features both long full-throttle straights and tight corners. In particular, the ups and downs of the latter half of the course and the diminishing road width allow for some real high-stakes, up to the guard rail racing.


GT LeagueEdit

Layout & SectorsEdit

Sector 1Edit

After a moderate incline at the start, you'll enter the first S-curve. For turn 1, start braking just before the 100m marker board on the right. Going into turn 2 and 3, keep at full throttle throughout. For turn 4, brake around the 50m marker board. Take the apex late and begin braking for turn 5 once you cross the center line.

Sector 2Edit

Turn 6 is a left-hand corner with a consistent apex. This is followed by a long straight, so it's important to raise you exit speed. Brake at the 50m marker board. Ease the car into onto the inside and pass through the turn at partial throttle. Once the road sign on the right is in front of you, go flat out through turns 7 and 8.

Turn 9 is a low speed corner, so begin braking from just before the 100m marker board. The 'STOP' sign on the inside marks the apex. Moving into turn 10, go flat out again. Be careful not to make any sudden steering inputs; balance is key here.

Sector 3Edit

The first half is a series of high speed corners. After passing through turn 11, be ready for a blind exit on turn 12. At full throttle, start your urn in around the road sign on the left, then keep on the inside following the kerbstones. At the end of the kerbstones, straighten out and begin braking, positioning the car to enter turn 13. Take a late apex.

Turn 14 has a right exit, brake around the 100m marker board. Using the 'STOP' sign as a guide, take a mid-late apex. For the last corner, turn 15, use the entire width of the road and go flat out to the finish.

Replay DemoEdit

Sardegna - Road Track - A 1 Lap Attack

Sardegna - Road Track - A 1 Lap Attack


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