"Get behind the wheel of the Red Bull X2014 Fan Car, a vehicle designed to smash the land speed record, and race against Sebastian Vettel! Vettel goes first as you see who can complete a lap of the circuit in the fastest time. Prizes are awarded to those who earn a bronze or higher in all events." - in-game text

The Sebastian Vettel X Challenge is the fourth and final event found in the Red Bull X Challenge section of career mode in Gran Turismo 6. The event was first introduced as part of Update 1.04, released on January 27, 2014.

Unlike other events in the Red Bull X Challenge section, this event consist of three rounds, where the player has to complete two laps of the track within the time limit. Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes are awarded depending on how fast the player completes the event.

The Red Bull X2014 Fan Car will be the provided vehicle for this event. It will be awarded to the player upon achieving at least bronze in all three rounds.


Round 1: Autodromo Nazionale MonzaEdit

  • Gold Time: 2:17,000
  • Silver Time: 2:25,000
  • Bronze Time: 2:40,000
  • Gold Prize: Cr. 530.000
  • Silver Prize: Cr. 290.000
  • Bronze Prize: Cr. 180.000

Round 2: Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsEdit

  • Gold Time: 2:50,000
  • Silver Time: 3:00,000
  • Bronze Time: 3:20,000
  • Gold Prize: Cr. 550.000
  • Silver Prize: Cr. 310.000
  • Bronze Prize: Cr. 190.000

Round 3: Suzuka CircuitEdit

  • Gold Time: 2:30,000
  • Silver Time: 2:38,000
  • Bronze Time: 3:00,000
  • Gold Prize: Cr. 580.000
  • Silver Prize: Cr. 320.000
  • Bronze Prize: Cr.200.000
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