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The main menu of Sport Mode's Race Entry menu in GT7.

The Sport Mode (スポーツモード) is one of multiplayer modes in Gran Turismo 7, consisting of online races in predetermined stipulations. Unlike it's previous appearance in Gran Turismo Sport, Sport Mode is less emphasized as the game's main mode.

Sport Mode unlocks when the player completes GT Café's Menu Book No. 9, "Tokyo Highway Parade". An active PlayStation Plus subscription and registration of the player's current email address and residence location with Sony Interactive Entertainment is also required for participation in online races, but are not required for time trials of any kind.

Daily Races[]

Daily Races are online race events that can be played at anytime. The races are updated weekly each Monday (at 07:00 am UTC). There are three levels of Daily Races:

  • Daily Race A: Intended for beginner level players, starts every 20 even (:00, :20, :40) minutes. Consists of short-distance races, usually using low-power vehicles, including karts. Since May 30, 2022, races in this slot are unranked, in which DR or SR are not affected by finishing; variety races are often held in this slot.
  • Daily Race B: Intended for intermediate level players, starts every 20 odd (:10, :30, :50) minutes. Consists of short-distance races, usually involving Gr.4/Gr.3 race cars.
  • Daily Race C: Intended for advanced level players, starts every 30 minutes. Consists of longer races using race cars from the racing categories. Because the distance is longer, fuel and tire wear are often set to other than 1x; mandatory tire compound rules may also appear.

For the first few weeks of the game's life, only Races A and B are available; the inaugural Race C began on March 14, 2022.[1]

Unlike in GT Sport, Livery Editor number boxes are no longer affixed if the player does not have one set.


Online championship events will also return in GT7, now branded as Gran Turismo World Series, with a test season of the annual World Series starting on March 21 and a full season starting shortly after that.[1]

New to GT7 is a league system that determines where the player will race against. There are three league divisions for championships that use the league system:

  • GT1, if the player begins the season with DR A or higher
  • GT2, if the player begins the season with DR B or C
  • GT3, if the player begins the season with DR D or lower

These league classifications apply for the entirety of the season. Additionally, players will only race against, and scored with (in the championship standings) drivers from the same league as the player is currently in the beginning of the season.


Each player is rated by two ratings: Driver Rating (DR) and Sportsmanship Rating (SR), also referred as "safety rating". How it works is largely unchanged from how it was in GT Sport.

For players who played both GT Sport and GT7, these ratings are carried over during transition between both games, using ratings captured as of February 15-16, 2022.[2]


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