Super GT GT500 (known as Super GT500 Championship in-game) is the ninth event in the International A Class. It becomes available after earning Bronze or higher on the Super GT300 Championship. The championship event is five races back to back. Your placing will depend on how many points you accumulate over the course of the three races.

The race itself is loosely based on the GT500 Class of the Super GT series in Japan.


  • 650 PP or less
  • Finished Super GT GT300 in 3rd place overall or higher
  • Racing: Hard Tires or less


  1. Deep Forest Raceway
  2. Fuji Speedway F
  3. Suzuka Circuit
  4. Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
  5. Nürburgring GP/D


  • Gold: Cr. 70,600
  • Silver: Cr. 45,900
  • Bronze: Cr. 35,300
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