Super Touring
League Level Special Event
License Level International B
Series Type Single Race
No. of Races 5
Tyre Restriction No restrictions
Tyre Wear No
Car Type Restriction No restrictions
BHP Limit Under 493 BHP (500 PS)
1st Place Prize 15,000 Cr

Super Touring (or Super Touring Trophy) is a five-leg race series featured in Gran Turismo 2. Basically, it is GT2's version of the British Touring Car Championship. All of the AI cars in this race are the cars that featured in the actual BTCC, such as Nissan Primera, Honda Accord, Peugeot 406, Audi A4, Renault Laguna, etc, with addition of cars from the Japanese Touring Car Championship such as Honda Civic and Toyota Corona Exiv, as well as JTCC versions of the aforementioned Accord and Primera.



  • 1st: Cr. 15.000
  • 2nd: Cr. 7.000
  • 3rd: Cr. 5.000
  • 4th: Cr. 2.000
  • 5th: Cr. 1.000
  • 6th: Cr. 500

Typical OpponentsEdit

These are the typical opponents of this event:

Power (BHP) Tyre Type Car (Name)
339Racing Medium[R]Nissan Primera '98
340Racing Medium[R]Renault Laguna V6
359Racing Medium[R]Peugeot 406 Sedan
340Racing Medium[R]Honda Accord SiR-T '98
342Racing Medium[R]Opel/Vauxhall Vectra GSi 2.5 V6
340Racing Medium[R]Honda CIVIC SiR-II (EG) '93
341Racing Medium[R]Toyota CHASER Tourer S '96
342Racing Medium[R]Toyota Corona Exiv 200GT '96
335Racing Medium[R]Nissan PRIMERA 2.0Te '90
340Racing Medium[R]Honda Accord SiR '96

Prize CarsEdit

There are three prize cars on this event. However, these prize cars are not assigned to a specified race, and are assigned randomly. All the three prize cars have a chance of 1/3 (33% of probability) to come as prize cars. So, in order to get a certain prize car, the player must repeat a race of this event if he/she want to get another prize car.


  • The "Super Touring" name is a reference to the class of cars that touring car series like BTCC and JTCC adopted in the late '90s.
    • Ironically, the Honda Civic opponent is the only opponent that was not based a Super Touring class car, instead being built to Group A regulations in the final year of the Group A era of JTCC.
  • This is one of the few groups of races in the game where you battle against other racing modified versions of standard cars.
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