Tahiti Challenge II (GT3)
League Level Rally Event
License Level Rally
Series Type Single Race
No. of Races 3
Tyre Restriction Dirt
Tyre Wear No
Car Type Restriction No restrictions
1st Place Prize 5,000 Cr (Race 1)
10,000 Cr (Race 2)
20,000 Cr (Race 3)

"Blue sea. Verdant greenery. Beautiful Tahiti."

Tahiti Challenge II (named Rally Challenge II in-game) is a rally event in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. It is a dirt rally event running through the Tahiti Circuit in reverse.


Tahiti Circuit

The Tahiti Circuit, where the race is held, is now run in reverse.

  • 1st race: 2 laps
  • 2nd race: 3 laps
  • 3rd race: 5 laps


Prize MoneyEdit

  • 1st race: Cr. 5,000
  • 2nd race: Cr. 10,000
  • 3rd race: Cr. 20,000

Prize CarEdit

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