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  • Hello all, I'm hoping to find if anyone else has experienced a strange phenomenon I experienced in GT4 a short while ago.  While I know physical damage isn't part of the game I'm curious as to whether or not there is any possibility of mechanical failure, as I think I've experienced it.

    Recently, I was making my third attempt at one of the endurance races, the short 100 laps of the Super Speedway.  I know, eight hours of the Nurburgring no problem, make a few left turns and I walk away with a silver medal twice.  Guess I'm not in NASCAR's demographic...

    Anyway, for my third and thankfully charmed attempt, I used my recently acquired Minolta Toyota race car with stage four turbo.  I handed things over to the B-spec driver, set him to a comfy "2" and switched overtake on.

    He proceeded to leave the others, including the second place Sauber Merc behind and soon enough he was eighty laps deep and way ahead.  Then all of a sudden, the lapped Merc was in first place.  It went into the pits and gave back first, but then chased the Minolta down in a hearbeat as it was capping at about 160mph on the straights with plenty of fuel and green tires.

    I took over quickl and found out why; the car was driving like it had a broken tie rod or control arm.  On the straights it was all over the place, absolutely mad.  It still had the speed but the car was tramming all over the road and needing constant corrections to keep it in an even remotely straight line.

    Thankfull I managed to chase the Sauber down with plenty of turbo power and held the Toyota through a really frightening lap 98 slide to keep first and take the win, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this sudden onset of instability in a car.  It's been the only time it's happened to me and I can't figure out what it was or why it happened.

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    • I can honestly say I've never experienced that before, but I can say I've experienced a real-world gearbox failure when my Logitech G25 racing wheel suddenly decided I was in neutral and I couldn't shift. I pulled over to the side of the road and spent a while trying to figure out what the problem was, but eventually I got it working again. :)

      In all seriousness though, that must have been a glitch. The only type of "damage" GT4 is supposed to have is loss of engine performance over time due to wear and dirty oil, and I'm not sure you can call that proper damage.

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    • There was a time that my controller stoped working, I coudlnt steer or accelerate. Must be a game glicth because my controller is just fine.

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    • im sorry for the late reply, but i know the issue where you go all over the place on the straights, because you turn in one direction all through the race, the car warps causing you to turn into the inside wall, this has happened to me on GT3 in the like the wind event, unfortunatley you have to restart the race to fix it, but it will happen again, thats the issue with oval racing, LMP's arent meant for that continuous stress on the oval, but you are forced to use one because thats what your facing. the Nurburgring 4 hour didnt affect you because it had turns in the other direction, so dont worry its all a part of the realism of GT4.


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    • Actually, it's more to do with the tyre wear. The outside wheels are becoming more worn, so the they are producing less grip than the inside wheels. This results in the vehicle veering slightly towards the inside of a corner. It's why they usually only ever change the outside wheels in NASCAR racing - they're the ones that suffer the most stress.

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