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  • Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar experience in trying to get the Mine's Skyline as a reward car.  A prize car list online claimed that the Gran Turismo All-Stars race on Amateur has four reward cars; the GT-40 road car, the Raybrig NSX, the Nismo R34 Skyline, and the Mine's R34 Skyline.  Sure enough, I've beaten it six times so far and have won three of those cars.  In order, the GT-40, the Raybrig, the Nismo, the Raybrig again, the Nismo again, and the Nismo for a hat trick.

    Given that the other three came one after the other, I'm wondering if the Mine's Skyline is actually an unlockable car from this race.  Have I just been unlucky, or are the two Skyline's shown in the roulette of prize cars both Nismo's?  I'd appreciate any help I can get on this subject, I don't particularly feel like running the races another time just to wind up with a third Skyline to sell...

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    • It is unlockable so it may just be your bad luck. The Mine's R34 can only be awarded to lucky racers. So you MUST keep racing and racing and racing again until you get the Mine's R34, even if you must race for, like, a hundred times.

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