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  • What is the difference with this and the 120d? BMW, what's next? The 120c?

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    • The 120d is a diesel version of the 120i. The 120d is slightly more expensive, but for that you get slightly more power and WAY more torque.

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    • Bump, but 120c?! ┬áThat would be a rocket and harder to drive!

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    • Nope. The 120c would be a carbureted version of the 120i with more power but less torque. Oh, and the 120c would have a very low gas mileage of about 30 km/l (kilometers per liter).

      Think ICD, but what it stands for here is different. The "I" stands for Injection (as in "Fuel Injection"), "C" for Cab (as in "Carburetor"), and "D" for Diesel.

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