Tokyo Expressway - Central Inner Loop
Tokyo Expressway Central Inner Loop
Country Flag of Japan Japan
Circuit Length 4.369 kilometres (2.715 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 12
Track Type City
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo Sport

The Tokyo Expressway - Central Inner Loop is a fictional city circuit that appears in Gran Turismo Sport. The 4km circuit is set on a highway in Tokyo, Japan.

The track is essentially a reverse version of Tokyo Expressway - Central Outer Loop, with the most notable difference being the final section of the circuit being set on an overpass, rather than being set on a tunnel, unlike sector 1 in the Outer Loop.

This track can be raced at Dawn, Morning, Daytime, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Sunset or Twilight.


GT LeagueEdit

Mission ChallengeEdit

  • 8-3: The Dream of Emerson: Fittipaldi VGT: 3 laps
    • Race; Fittipaldi EF7 VGT
      • Overwhelming performance and powerful, sleek designs. Master the dance of racing spirit.
        • Gold: 1st
        • Silver: 2nd
        • Bronze: 3rd
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