Tommy Kaira ZZ-III
Tommy Kaira ZZ-III
Appears in Gran Turismo 2
Manufacturer Tommy Kaira
Drivetrain MR
Max Power 184 BHP
Max Torque 146.1 lb-ft
Length 3630 mm
Width 1740 mm
Height 1100 mm
Weight 670 kilograms (1,500 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 3.64 kg (8.0 lb) per horsepower

The Tommy Kaira ZZ-III is a Concept car produced by Tommy Kaira. It only appears in Gran Turismo 2.


There are two colors available for this vehicle, they are unnamed in-game:

  • Red
  • Blue

In-game descriptionEdit

This description is taken from the NTSC version of Gran Turismo 2:

In contrast to the "pure sports racing" image of the ZZ-II[1], the ZZ-III[2] offers a more familiar sort of concept that might be called "pure sports lite". The result is a two-door sports GT car. In keeping with the times, it is a true sports car but it is also environmentally friendly. It can be used for motor sports, but in many ways it is a new kind of sports car for the 21st century, one that embodies new technology that was jointly developed with another automaker. This machine boasts a tough but light weight steel and aluminum frame and a mid-mounted high-performance gasoline engine of 1.6 to 2.0 liters displacement. There is a choice of two transmission types: five-speed manual or hyper CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). The ZZ-III's[2] chassis features double wishbone suspension in both front and rear, with inboard push rod-type shocks and springs. Ventilated disc brakes are installed on all four wheels. The target weight for this car was a mere 700 kg (1,540 lbs), making the ZZ-III[2] one of the lightest of its type. Combine that with a powerful engine and an ideal chassis and what you get is one of the lightest sports cars ever. The cost is also not very heavy-about 4 million Yen (US$36,000) Of course, the car is not only sporty but comfortable, complete with air conditioning and other expected amenities. No wonder ZZ fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the ZZ-III[2].



This car can be won by winning the second race of the Pure Sports Car Cup, located on Deep Forest Raceway.



  1. Stylized as "ZZ2" in the game
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Stylized as "ZZ3" in the game
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