Toyota FT-86 Concept '09
Toyota FT-86 Concept '09
Appears in Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6
Type in GT5 Premium
Interior in GT6 Detailed
Manufacturer Toyota
Drivetrain FR
Engine FA20
Max Power 220 BHP
Performance Points 437 PP
Weight 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 4.55 kg (10.0 lb) per horsepower

The Toyota FT-86 Concept '09 is a Concept car produced by Toyota. It appears in Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6.


Twelve colors are available for this car:

  • White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • Silver Metallic
  • Orange Metallic
  • Light Red
  • Flash Red
  • Lime Green Pearl
  • Dark Green Metallic
  • Light Blue Metallic
  • Blue
  • Chameleon Purple
  • Matte Black
  • Black

In-game descriptionEdit

This description is taken from the description page in GT5. It is transcluded from here.

The FT-86 concept is Toyota's new generation FR sportscar for the 21st century, built in the pursuit of driving pleasure and an attempt to capture the pure characteristics which make cars so desirable.

A cooperative development between Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) was announced in April 2008, and its form was first introduced to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 2009.

The 86 name comes from the AE86 - the model code of the 4th-generation Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno, an incredibly popular 1.6-litre FR sports car first released by Toyota in 1983.

The FT-86 has the styling of a classic sports car with a long nose, short floor layout. With the basic concept in mind, the car is light, has a very low centre of gravity, and offers the handling performance of a racing car. It was designed by ED2, Toyota Europe design development.

The FT-86 is 163.7 inches long, 69.2 inches wide, and 49.6 inches tall, with a wheelbase of 101.1 inches. It seats 4 passengers, and is powered by Subaru's signature 2.0-litre flat-4 petrol engine. It is naturally aspirated and the transmission is a 6-speed MT. It sports 19-inch tyres, with 4 pot brakes in the front, and 2 pot ADVICS brakes in the rear. The low position driving seats are in a bucket seat like design, and many other details have been created with a clear emphasis on driving pleasure.

This is a concept car that really shows Toyota's passion, to bring back and revive Japanese sports cars.



As a Premium car, the Toyota FT-86 Concept '09 can be purchased from the Dealerships for 300,000 Credits. It is a Level 4 car. It can also be won from the Level 4 A-Spec FR Challenge event in the Beginner Series.


This car can be purchased for 300,000 Credits. It is a detailed car.


Trivia Edit

  • With the Interior View, this car scans the map of the track.
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