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The Toyota MR2 GT-S '97 is a road car produced by Toyota. It has appeared in every main Gran Turismo game to date since Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. Although not initially available in Gran Turismo Sport, it was later introduced as part of Update 1.13, released on February 28, 2018.


Six colors are available for this car:

  • Super Red II
  • Orange Mica Metallic
  • Beige Mica Metallic
  • Black
  • Dark Purple Mica
  • Super White II


"The final turbo spec model that gained the chassis stability needed to handle the engine power."

The 2nd generation MR2, released in 1989, also known as the SW20, was the successor to Japan's first mass-produced midship, the AW11. Despite its image, the AW11 was never labelled by Toyota as a sports car. However, they declared that this 2nd generation MR2 was a true high-performance sports model.

The size of the SW20 was enlarged to the limit of Japan's size 5 classification, and though its smooth styling was very different from the first MR2, it expressed its midship layout well. The power unit behind the driver was upgraded from the 1.6 L 4A-G to a 2.0 L 3S-G, and the power output was 162.7 BHP for the NA version and 221.8 BHP for the turbo. Initially however, this power worked against itself. The handling was trickier than the AW11, and resulted in a revision of the chassis in December 1991, in the model II.

In 1994, the model III debuted with an even stronger turbo engine producing 241.6 BHP and 31 kgfm torque. The NA was also raised to 177.5 BHP and 19.5 kgfm torque. The chassis suspension geometry, springs, dampers, and brakes were also revised.

Furthermore, in June 1996, the model IV was released. The MT model of the G grade adopted a Helical LSD, and sports ABS became standard on all models. In December 1997, the V model was born with even more improvements. The VVT-i (continuous variable valve timing) was added to the NA engine at this time, enhancing its output to 197.2 BHP and 21.0 kgfm torque.

Through its evolution, the chassis was matured greatly and the over-sensitive handling characteristics experienced in the early years faded away. Out of the series, the normally aspirated version of the final model V is probably the best model out of the SW20, with an excellent balance between power and chassis.

Used Car Dealership (GT7)[]

The Toyota MR2 is a midship engine sports car. The SW20 was a second and final revision for this model, celebrated for its advanced handling. This GT-S grade is equipped with a 2L straight-four turbo engine capable of hitting 241.6 BHP. And what's more, the boot is huge! Just the thing if you've got lots of luggage.

Café (Chris)[]

It's fast, affordable, and manageable in size - truly this is one of the great commercial sports cars. The 2nd generation MR2 that debuted in 1989 was continually improved over the years. This represents its pinnacle, with its power ramped up to an impressive 241.6 BHP. In spite of this, its handling remains remarkably straightforward. Truly this is a car where the price tag doesn't reflect its true value.

Café (Hikonori Kagurazaka)[]

Looking at this MR2, you're likely to notice its modest, understated design. In Italy, you'll find fierce beasts like the Urraco, named after a fighting bull, and the Merak. These are flashy cars that really stand out, but they're not for the faint-hearted. Let's just say that, even when you handle them the right way, they can still bite back. This MR2 is pretty domesticated in that respect, and does exactly what you tell it to do. But that doesn't mean it's tame by any means - put the pedal to the metal and you won't know what hit you! Still, for a carefree driving experience, you can't go far wrong with this car. It's one you'll want to make a place for in your heart and your home. You can recognise some elements inspired by Ferrari here and there, but all in all it retains a certain modesty. Perhaps this reflects the belief of the Japanese designers that they weren't quite ready for the world stage... just yet.



This car can be bought at the Toyota dealership for 27,130 Credits.


This car is available to the player in Arcade Mode from the beginning.


This car can be bought at the Used Car Showroom (Late '90s) for around 13,500 Credits. The exact price of the car may vary depending on the mileage.


This car can be purchased for 27,130 Credits.


This car is a Standard Car, and can occasionally be bought at the Used Car Dealership for around 23,000 Credits. The exact price of the car may vary depending on the mileage. It is a Level 4 car.


This car can be purchased for 27,130 Credits. It has a simple interior.

GT Sport[]

This car can be purchased in the Toyota section of Brand Central for 27,100 Credits.


This car can occasionally be purchased in the Used Car Dealership. Its price is dependent on its mileage.



  • This car also appears in Gran Turismo Concept, but it's unplayable. It does, however, appear as a CPU car.
  • Despite appearing in all main Gran Turismo games to date since Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, this car didn't receive an updated model and interior view until it was added to Gran Turismo Sport.
  • In GT Sport's Livery Editor, if a custom paint color is applied, the "Twin Cam 16 turbo" decal will disappear. Note that the player is not prompted to remove any of the car's default livery on this car.