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The Twin Ring Motegi Road Course (in brown) superimposed onto the full course.

The Twin Ring Motegi Road Course is a road course in Japan. It is said to be one of Japan's elite courses, along with the likes of Fuji Speedway. It appears in Gran Turismo 4, Tourist Trophy, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5 though in DLC and Gran Turismo 6.


Twin Ring Motegi is a tough track to memorize, in part because of the fact that it has so many turns that look just alike. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good sense of where you are on the track. After that, it should be fairly elementary for the moderately advanced driver. This lap was driven using a Mazda 787B.

Sector 1 (Turns 1, 2, 3, 4, Oval Bridge Turn 5)[]

Turns 1&2[]

After the start, bring the car to the outside of the track, the area farthest away from the curb. Brake 50 feet before entry, hit the curb, and throttle as you exit Turn 2. Let the car swing out of the corner, then bring it back to the outside of Turn 3. Brake 40 feet from entry this time, driving the same line as the one you had around Turns 1&2. Now swing out again and bring the car up to top gear. After you've got it in top gear, set up for the next right-hander. Hit the brakes around 15 feet from entry this time. Give it gas again about halfway around the turn. Make sure not to hit the grass; that could either lose the race for you if you're not careful.

Sector 2 (Bridge Exit, Binder Transfer S)[]

Now it's time for Sector 2. Go around the first corner, Bridge Exit, and get ready for the infamous Binder Transfer.

Walk the car over to the right, brake hard, and maintain 50% throttle for the duration of the S-curve until you reach about halfway through the right-hander. Bring the car out to the right and set up for the next turn.

Sector 3 (Long Straight, Chicane to Start)[]

Entering the high speed section to start Section 3 (the start of the East Short Course). Go full throttle for the duration of the 750m straight until you reach the chicane, where you brake very late while turning. Keep your throttle to a minimum until you reach the pit stop junction and take a left (the start line) while going full throttle.

GT4 Race Beginning Classification[]

The race begins with all six cars at 50mph. Therefore it is advisable to qualify if possible to begin the race with an advantage.

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