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I am someone that really likes to watch and play racing games. I'm a very kind and nice outgoing person to get along with. I'm usually a really big NASCAR fan most of the time, but I like all sorts of sports. I also like to draw or do Art stuff. I sometimes watch cartoons or anime,sometimes like Pokemon, and My Little Pony but I'm more of a sports type of person. What I enjoyed from the Gran Turismo franchise is all of the 2010-2013 NASCAR Race Cars from Gran Turismo 5-6 including the Ford Taurus car that was used in Gran Turismo 2 that had Mark Martin 1999 Valvoline livery before changing into the generic Taurus race car in the later update. I also really liked the Le Mans/Group C, JGTC, Rally, V8 Supercars, and other racing categories. I do like classic cars, and everyday cars too in the real world.  I'm mostly an offline type of person but online is fine if everything goes well.

My Gran Turismo Statistics; Even If I Completed It , I Still Played Just For Fun[]

Gran Turismo 1 - 100% Completed, including Simulation Mode

Gran Turismo 2 - 100.00% Completed (v1.2)  (98.20%) in v1.0

Gran Turismo 3 - 100.0% Completed; completed all of the Licenses and Time Trials

Gran Turismo 4 - 0.0% Completed so far, Licenses Completed

Tourist Trophy - Never Played, It's a  really cool game, Eventhough I don't know much about motorcycles, bikes as I do with cars.

Gran Turismo PSP - Never played

Gran Turismo 5 -  67% Completed

Gran Turismo 6 - 100% Completed, including platinum trophies

Gran Turismo Sport - still in progress, I really do enjoy the livery, driver and helmet editor, and make decals from the Internet and do racing sometimes.