Mazda rx-500 cut

I have an interest in technology,1950's future prototypes are my favourites. I find alternative drive trains intriguing Gas-Turbines, Electric, Rotaries, Steam, Nuclear and Hybrid. Also i like oddities or oddball cars, you know one off technological marvels from brands that maybe not so common place today. In my spare time i love to read my automotive book collection, as well as play Gran turismo.

My favorite cars from Gran TurismoEdit

My five car wishlistEdit

1964 - NSU Wankel Spider
  • Avions-Voisin C-27 Aerosport Coupe, 1934
  • Chrysler Turbine, 1963
  • Holden Hurricane, 1969
  • Koenigsegg Regera, 2015
  • NSU Spider, 1964

My Favorite Race EventsEdit

My Gran Turismo GamesEdit

  • Gran Turismo 2
  • Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
  • Gran Turismo Concept: 2002 Tokyo-Geneva
  • Gran Turismo 4: Prologue
  • Gran Turismo 4
  • Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
  • Gran Turismo 5: GT Academy Demo
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Gran Turismo 6
  • Gran Turismo Sport Beta
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Gran Turismo PSP
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