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Not to be confused with GT6's 600 PP World Touring Car Championship or GT7's World Touring Car 600 championship.
"An event that's restricted to normal cars with 600 PP or less. This is a high-level race series that's all about showing off your skill."
―In-game text

The World Touring Car 600 is a 4 race event that appears in Gran Turismo 7. The races are located at the World Circuits menu and the tracks are unlocked by progressing through the GT Café. However, the World Touring Car 600 isn’t part of the menu book objectives but will appear after completing all the menu books from the GT Café.

Event restrictions[]

  • Category: Any
  • Car type: Any
  • PP: 600 or less


Rival Cars[]

Prize Structure[]

  • 1st: Cr. 80,000 or Cr. 550,000 (Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise only)
  • 2nd: Cr. 48.000 or Cr. 330,000 (Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise only)
  • 3rd: Cr. 32,000 or Cr. 220,000 (Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise only)


  • For the race at Tokyo Expressway - East Clockwise, it is not possible to lose the Clean Race Bonus, except by passing an AI car during a yellow flag.